The Enterprise Foundation was organized in September 2007 and recognized by IRS in September 2009 as a charitable organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and was designed to provide needed educational and referral services to underserved communities in furtherance of economic development.

“The purpose of this corporation is to foster self-sufficiency through self-employment and to promote, support and encourage the advancement and development of micro enterprises and small businesses.

In the context of these general purposes, the corporation shall develop and/or support programs that inform and educate entrepreneurs, young people, immigrants and the public-at-large about resources and opportunities as well as to provide forums for the exchange of ideas, information, technical assistance, procurement and other business opportunities that enhance communities’ development and economic well-being, and shall carry on other charitable and educational activities associated with these goals as allowed by law.”

The Enterprise Foundation will partner with private corporations, non-profits, and government agencies to provide quality no- to low-cost bilingual education and business training services with the intent of making underserved populations self-sufficient and create jobs, and all in the furtherance of economic development for the public benefit of the communities in which training participants reside and work.

While the Enterprise Foundation is an independent entity, it is affiliated with, and frequently supports the programs of, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley.

Enterprise Foundation

c/o Hispanic Chamber Silicon Valley
1887 Monterey Road, Ste. 215
San Jose, CA 95112